[Translate to Englisch:] Kuhflecken-Kuchen

For the sponge mixture (light-coloured):

250 g butter or margarine
250 g sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar
4 eggs
500 g wheat flour
1 packet baking powder
125 ml milk

For the sponge mixture: (dark-coloured)
3 tbsp. cocoa powder
2 tbsp. sugar
3 tbsp. milk

For the filling:
325 ml milk
325 ml whipping cream
1 packet Original Sahne Muh-Muhs Toffees
1 packet custard powder (vanilla)
4 sheets of gelatine, white

Tip: If you remove the butter from the fridge an hour prior to starting, then it is easier to work with! Then mix the butter together with the sugar, the vanilla sugar and the eggs until the mixture becomes frothy. Then mix in the flour and baking powder, and then finally add the milk until the sponge mixture just about drops off a spoon.

Now divide the mass up. Place approximately 2/3 of the sponge mixture into a 30 x 40 cm baking tin. A normal baking tray will also do –the cake will just be a little flatter. (In any case, it should be something for which you have a frame edge, so that the custard cannot run down the cake later).

Now mix the cocoa, sugar and the milk to form a smooth mixture, and subsequently mix this with the remaining third of the sponge mixture, after which you will have almost finished your cowhide pattern! You just have to distribute the dark mixture onto the light-coloured sponge mixture in a "cow pattern shape".

Now into the oven with your cake – bake using upper/lower heat at 180 °C for approx. 20 to 25 minutes. Then allow the finished cake to cool for a while, so that you can divide it into 2 disks. Be careful though!

First coarsely chop the Original Sahne Muh-Muhs Toffees. Then take 6 tbsp. from the milk and use it to mix the custard powder. Bring the remaining milk and the cream to the boil. Stir continuously, and whilst doing so, add the Original Sahne Muh-Muhs Toffees to the milk. Keep stirring until the toffees have completely dissolved. Now the prepared custard powder is added to the hot milk–toffee mass. Then allow this to come to the boil briefly. Quickly, according to the packaging, soak the gelatine in water, squeeze it out and then stir it into the still-hot custard. Now place the bottom half of the cake into an edged baking tin (30 x 40 cm), so that you can spread the hot custard onto it. The upper half of the cake is placed on top with the smooth side upwards and pressed on gently. (Gently really means GENTLY, otherwise ... well, you'll see!)

Bringing this cake along with you will make you the star of any party!

Preparation time: Approx. 60 minutes/resting time: 60 minutes
Level of difficulty: Pretty challenging!