Easter caramel cow cake

100 g sugar
3 Original Sahne Muh-Muhs Toffees
150 ml whipping cream
75 ml coffee liqueur
1 tbsp. instant espresso powder
200 g brazil nuts
100 g almonds, ground

For the sponge mixture:
250 g butter, soft
150 g sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar
5 eggs
400 g flour
1 packet baking powder
200 ml milk

For decorating:
100 g white chocolate
3 Original Sahne Muh-Muhs Toffees

Allow the chopped toffees to caramelise in a pot together with the sugar until light brown. Then quickly quench with the cream and coffee liqueur, and boil whilst stirring vigorously until the caramel has completely dissolved. After you have mixed the espresso powder with 2 to 3 tbsp. water, add this to the caramel mass. Now it’s the tough job: The brazil nuts need to be coarsely chopped. When this is done, then half of these are placed together with the almonds into the caramel – do not forget to stir, and after this they can cool down in peace and quiet while the oven pre-heats to 200 °C.

The butter is now beaten until frothy along with the sugar, vanilla sugar and the salt. Add the eggs, a little at a time, and mix in well. After mixing the flour and the baking powder together thoroughly, add this to the butter mass, alternating with the milk, whilst continuing to stir. Following this, grease a deep baking tray and place greaseproof paper onto it (39 x 32 cm would be an ideal format). Fill in the sponge mixture and distribute it evenly. And now you can get creative: Distribute the caramel mass onto the sponge in just a few positions, and pull through these with a fork – just enough to make it look great! The "cherry" – well, the nuts – on the cake are the remaining nuts, which should then be distributed on top. Now things get hot: Place the cake on the second shelf from the bottom of the oven for 20 to 30 minutes until it is crisply baked. Afterwards, place the cake onto a cooling rack to cool. Whilst the cake is recovering from the heat, you can already start melting the white chocolate in a bain marie, fill it into a disposable piping bag and then either distribute it in a grid-like fashion or decorate the cake however you like!

Our tip: You don’t have to use a disposable piping bag – with a steady hand, this also works well with a spoon! The finishing touches influence the overall impression: If you now sprinkle finely chopped toffees onto the warm chocolate, it will look amazing! Tastes fantastic, is a real eye-catcher and simply the best cake for coffee time at Easter!

Preparation time: 45 minutes
Resting time: 60 minutes
Level of difficulty: Pretty easy!