Christmas Muh apples

6 Granny Smith apples
6 wooden skewers
4 Original Sahne Muh-Muhs Toffees
2 tbsp. water
1 tsp. vanilla extract


This simple recipe is perfect for dull autumn days and the pre-Christmas period. It is warmly recommended for Christmas or mulled wine parties!!

And we do it like this:
Take the wooden skewers and insert them 3/4 into the apples beside the stalks. Place aluminium foil onto the baking tray, and grease it lightly. Then heat the small, chopped toffee pieces together with the water and vanilla in a small pot at medium temperature, and boil the mass long enough until the caramel has melted. Do not forget to stir ... Now dip each apple into the liquid caramel, and carefully wipe the excess away on the rim of the pot. Place the finished candied apples onto the aluminium foil and put them in a cool place.

Tip: If you wish, you can also scratch Christmas images into the cooled caramel crust ... use your imagination!

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Level of difficulty: Quick and easy!

This Muh-Muhs product is needed:

Original Sahne Muh-Muhs Toffee